Here’s a glimpse of behind the scene of a boudoir session! After you are getting pampered with the hair and makeup, we will head to our studio where there are tons of nature lights coming in, and I’ll help you with the posing and facial expressions. I will be guiding you from the shapes of your hands to what to do with your chin, toes, back, so you don’t have to know a thing about posing! 😉

Here are photos from our amazing client’s session who has never done a boudoir session before!

Many of clients often say that they are pretty awkward in front of the camera, but that’s because, you haven’t given the right direction before! I’m here to help you from preparing your outfit to poses, and making your photos as a art piece!

If you are curious about booking a boudoir session, please contact us here or text us at 925-366-7774.

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