Another amazing boudoir session on the book in our photo studio with our client T!

Here are a few words she felt about her boudoir photoshoot & tips experience:

“Let me tell you something. Jiyeon is so damn good at her job that it’ll be impossible to choose a favorite photo once you’re done. I am still riding a high from my experience.

I brought an entire duffel bag filled with lingerie, robes, and loose t’s/tanks, a garbage bag with heels, a box of earrings, and my freshly showered self. Upon arrival, I was greeted by Jiyeon and she is one of the most charming, funny, kind people I’ve met. She immediately made me feel comfortable and we got to talking about our favorite things, our lives, the outfits, and food! As I was getting makeup and hair done by Carissa (absolutely amazing, with the best smelling products), Jiyeon took my whole closet and organized it on set, while also thinking of complete outfits for me and the set/poses for each fit.

I can’t describe to you how easy Jiyeon made this process. She is the perfect director, the perfect teacher, the perfect hype woman. These poses had me looking and feeling snatched (because it’s a workout). She helped remind me to breathe. She made this a sexy and fun experience, complete with all my favorite r&b music to set the mood to really deliver those bedroom eyes. As someone who loves having my tiddies out all the time, I was super comfortable, but even if someone was uneasy about being pretty naked in front of a stranger, Jiyeon’s peaceful demeanor, private studio, and encouraging energy will make you feel so comfortable.”

Some tips:
1. If you’re getting hair done, come with your hair dry to speed the process.
2. If you’re getting makeup done, wear a loose top to not get makeup on it
3. Prepare yourself to be sore! Proper leg, glute, and back workout holding poses.
4. Remember to breathe in through your nose and out through your mouth. When she tells you to look at the camera, remember not to wrinkle your forehead looking up, lol.
5. I am not sure if Jiyeon actually recommends this, but I personally would have loved to take a couple shots of tequila before the photos to reeeeeeally loosen myself up. (My opinion: I do not recommend drinks before the shoot to almost everyone, because some people cannot take directions well after drinks :P)
6. She will ask you what music you want to hear – I would recommend to pick the music that makes you feel sexy. There was something about posing with an arched back, ass up, on silk bed sheets, and hearing songs that make me think of sexy times.
7. Do this for YOU. Even if this is a gift to someone else, do this to remind yourself how incredible you are.
8. When you go through the photos, really go for the ones that you’re drawn to the most. I’m sure people like to pick a certain number of photos per outfit, but I chose so many of the same outfit and said no to so many other outfits, just because I was so drawn to the poses, the set, and the outcome. I felt the sexiest in those that I said yes to.
9. You may want more photos than you think.

Aren’t these amazing tips? Are you thinking about finally moving forward with your boudoir session? You can book a time for a consultation here or text us at (925) 633-7774.

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