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As a boudoir photographer, the most common question that I get asked is this: 

“I know that the women on your website look great, but can you make ME look good?”

And it’s a legitimate question.  

Everyone wants to know the answer: can you make any body type or shape look good in photos?


And the simple answer is YES.

 No matter your weight, your height or your body type, I can guarantee that you will look amazing in your boudoir photos. 


And here’s the reason why: my job as a photographer isn’t to hide your “flaws,” it’s to capture and celebrate YOU. In my opinion, every woman is beautiful and it’s just my job to highlight that beauty.  

I’ve learned some rules about posing that help to flatter curves and pull the eye just where I want it to go.  And when I apply these rules, I can bring out the beauty in any woman that steps into my studio.  Guaranteed!

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