It seems like such a simple word. How can three syllables be so hard? Yet it is one of the hardest things for human beings to truly accomplish: TRUE confidence, not the “fake it ’til you make it” type confidence.  I have no ground-breaking, earth-shattering tips to give you to suddenly have it, but I can help show you how to start!

I own a luxury boudoir studio in Concord serving San Francisco Bay Area, and let me tell you – the confidence you gain after a boudoir shoot is astronomical. I can see the way my clients look at themselves after each boudoir session with me. As a boudoir photographer, I am here to empower you and make you feel the most confident you have ever felt in your life. 

How does doing a boudoir session translate into feeling the most confident you ever have in your life?  I believe it is bravery. It takes a brave person to get in front of a camera when you are vulnerable, and here you are.  Do you remember the first time you jumped off a tall diving board? Or did some kind of stunt that you were scared of, but you DID it? Your bravery in doing that stunt immediately gave you the confidence to try again and try more things, right? That is kind of like boudoir!

Another reason I see is that we get to see ourselves from a different light after a boudoir session. We tend to be so harsh on ourselves in this Instagram perfect society (I’m guilty of this). But, experiencing a boudoir session with me will help you accept who you are and realize that you don’t need to change. 

Your session starts with hair and makeup to help you feel pampered. With that little boost, you let the bravery of saying, “I’m going to do this,” and stepping in front of my camera give you that same rush, which equals confidence. Every single one of my clients would tell you they felt like they could conquer the world after their shoot. They left standing a little taller, and left with some extra confidence that will never fully diminish.  I work with you to bring out the boldness, sexiness, and empowerment that you need to have some of the best pictures you will ever have taken in your life. Are you ready to be brave and bring out that confidence?

I’m ready!!

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