What are the best ways to enjoy your boudoir photos after your shoot?  

No stress, we’ve got this covered!  We offer custom products so that you can enjoy your boudoir photos in a variety of ways for years to come.


Let’s take a look at our three most popular boudoir products:  boudoir albums, wall art and digital downloads.



A boudoir album is classic and never goes out of style. We offer a variety of sizes and cover options. The albums are heirloom quality and printed on archival paper. You can keep a boudoir album at your bedside to glance at whenever you need a little pick-me-up!



Imagine seeing your gorgeous self on the wall every single day!  Women love to hang their boudoir photos above the bed, in a master closet or over a bathtub. Black and white photos often look great on the wall.



Digital downloads allow you to enjoy your boudoir photos on your computer or on your phone. This is a fun way to enjoy your boudoir photos on the go!


Have you already booked a boudoir photoshoot?  

 We’d love to have you in the studio! Contact us here or send us a message at (925)633-7774 to hear more details!

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