So you are thinking about getting your boudoir photos taken? How do you find the right photographer for you? Let’s talk this through together. 

What do you look for in a photographer in general? First and most important of all, style. Find a photographer whose style you love and whose work complements your aesthetic. Can you see yourself in an album of this person’s work?

Another IMPORTANT question in my opinion – especially for boudoir – is, do you LIKE this photographer and feel COMFORTABLE with them? You are going to be in a vulnerable state when you are with them, so do you feel comfortable and at ease with them and their ability to make you feel comfortable and safe?

Not every photographer is for every person and THAT IS OKAY! People sometimes make the mistake of thinking even if they aren’t comfortable with that person they HAVE to go with them since they’ve spoken, and that is simply not true. I want you to *WANT* to take pictures with me and feel excited that we are going to do this! If you are anything less than comfortable with the photographer you speak with, find another one!

Also, do they offer products you want? Every photographer is set up differently. Some offer digitals, some offer wall art, some offer albums. Make sure the photographer you choose has all the products you want, or they are able to provide them to you. 

Another big deal is posing. Look through their portfolio and see if they are able to pose you in ways you’re comfortable! Again, every photographer is different, so make sure they are able to pose your body in a way you like. Photographers should be able to pose people of all different sizes.

These are just a few suggestions on how to find the right boudoir photographer for you to get you the best pictures possible. Are you ready to book your session?

I want to book my session!

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