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Your wedding day will always remain one of the highlights of your life. You will always remember exactly what you wore, who was at the wedding, and how you felt on your wedding day. A bridal boudoir photo shoot is an incredible way to commemorate this unique time and to create a special gift for your future spouse. 

 Many brides have told us that the boudoir photoshoot was their absolute favorite part of wedding planning and preparation. It’s something fabulous for just you and your love!

Imagine handing your future spouse a boudoir album on the night before your wedding.  

Or, imagine slipping a boudoir album under their pillow for them to find on the first night of your honeymoon.  Spicy!


Here are some bridal boudoir tips:


1. Bring some of your wedding accessories to your boudoir photoshoot, including your wedding veil, shoes and garter.  Don’t forget your engagement ring!

2. Plan ahead. Be sure to book your photoshoot appointment with enough time to get your album printed in time for your wedding.

3. Let go of expectations.  You don’t necessarily have to wear white lingerie! (Even though a white lingerie set photographs beautifully if you’re not a white lingerie person, you don’t have to be in it!)


Here’s what Jenna had to say about her bridal boudoir photoshoot experience:

What was your main reason for booking a boudoir shoot?:

To give a book to my fiancé as a wedding gift. I knew as soon as I got engaged that I wanted to do a bridal boudoir photoshoot – it was on my bucket list!

What was your biggest fear before or during your boudoir shoot?:

I was worried about being comfortable in front of the camera.  I knew that the website looked great, but I wasn’t sure if I could look like the women in those photos. 

How did the shoot turn out?

Amazing! The pictures are beautiful. I’ve never seen myself this way! After seeing the photos I am more confident than I’ve ever been in my life. I want to show them off to everyone! I booked the photoshoot to create a gift for my fiancé, but the whole experience ended up being awesome for me too. I seriously can’t stop looking at my photos.

Did you give your boudoir photos as a gift?

Yes, I gave my fiancé the boudoir album on the first night of our honeymoon.  I thought about giving it to him on the day of our wedding, but there was a LOT going on that day.  I didn’t want the album to get lost in the shuffle.  So on the first night of our honeymoon, I pulled out the album and gave it to him and his jaw hit the floor.  He had no idea that I had done the shoot and was shocked that I was willing to.  He loved the photos and told me he was just blown away.  It was so fun and special to share that moment with him. Definitely memorable!

Is there anything else you’d like to share?

I would recommend a boudoir shoot to every woman. The confidence you will gain and stop focusing on what you see as body flaws are priceless. I felt so comfortable and sexy during my shoot. I’m so glad that I did a bridal boudoir photoshoot!

If you’re getting married or know someone who is, we should talk!  We are the bridal boudoir experts and we’d love to go over all the details with you. Text us at 925-633-7774 or contact us here.

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