Have you talked yourself out of booking a boudoir session for yourself? It’s so easy to talk yourself out of getting your boudoir session done (especially the first one), but let me give you ten reasons why you SHOULD get those boudoir pictures taken!

  1. I truly believe it is SO IMPORTANT to document every stage in your life. Just because you aren’t in Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Edition shape doesn’t mean you should deprive yourself of documenting this time in your life! PSA – even some of those models are insecure too. You are not alone!
  2. YOU. ARE. BEAUTIFUL. Read that again – YOU ARE BEAUTIFUL. You do not need to be in any kind of “shape” to have these pictures done. You just need to show up and be yourself. You are perfect the way you are.
  3. The confidence boudoir pictures gives you is indescribable. I cannot put into words how powerful you will feel when you are done.
  4. Boudoir brings out the power within you, and when you are done it’s not “just pictures” – the confidence will last beyond that session.
  5. Having a physical reminder of your confidence can help boost your mood in the future, too! If you’re having a low day, you can look back at your pictures any time and get that same confidence rush as you remember how you felt during the session!
  6. If you have a partner I guarantee they will LOVE THESE. You do boudoir for YOU, but they can enjoy the perks of your sexiness too.
  7. It’s your birthday! You can get these done yearly, and look back at all you have accomplished in the last year and how you have grown more confident with each session!
  8. I also believe it is important as human beings to push ourselves outside our comfort zone so we can continue to grow and learn about ourselves, and sometimes boudoir is the way to do so! It’s not every day you have these done, and pushing yourself in a healthy way is good!
  9. It’s a great way to pamper yourself! We also offer hair and make up on the day of your session! – and who doesn’t like to be pampered?? SIGN ME UP!
  10. Last, but certainly not least, YOU DESERVE IT! You deserve to see pictures of you looking GORGEOUS. You deserve to feel beautiful and powerful. You deserve to feel sexy.

What are your reasons for getting boudoir pictures done?

I want to book my session!

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