Wondering what to wear for your boudoir photoshoot?

One of the great things about booking a shoot with our studio is that we are boudoir wardrobe experts!  

We’ll help you know exactly what to wear for your shoot. We have a lot of experience knowing what looks great on camera and we’ll make sure you look fabulous.

Always remember that while wardrobe does contribute to a great look, the shoot is always more about YOU than it is about what you’re wearing!

 A matching bra & panty set is a classic look for boudoir shoots. A bra & panty set in virtually any color or pattern is guaranteed to look great in your photoshoot.

Here are some tips for bra & panty sets for your shoot:

1. Colors: black is a classic and always sexy.  Jewel tones such as deep purple, cherry red, turquoise, and crimson look on almost anyone. Lighter colors and pastels such as blush, white, ivory, and pale blue also photograph well.

2. Bra and panty sets with texture always make a photo pop. Lace, mesh panels, embroidery, studs, and sparkles are all fabulous.

3. Push-up bras AND bras without any padding can BOTH look great.  There is no right or wrong here.  Bring both for some variety.  

4. Similarly, thongs AND full-coverage panties can BOTH look great. Depending on the pose and the look you’re going for, we can make either look fantastic on camera.  When picking full-coverage panties, pick lace panties instead of solid fabric ones. 

Do you have more questions about wardrobe options for your boudoir photoshoot?  I always love to talk lingerie! Shoot me an email ([email protected]) or text at 925-633-7774. Let’s chat!

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