I get asked all the time, “How did you become a boudoir photographer?”

And while I could give you all of the details of where I got my start and how I opened my studio (join me for coffee someday and I’ll give you the whole story!) … I think more important than those nitty gritty details right now is to tell you why I shoot boudoir.  

Why do I wake up every day and choose to be a boudoir photographer?

I’m going to give you the raw, honest truth.

I’m a boudoir photographer because of what I believe most deeply in my heart.  

 Maybe that sounds cheesy, but I’m a boudoir photographer because of how I live and what I love.

 At my core, I believe that boudoir photography allows me to express my deepest self and to reflect that back into the world.

Here are some of the things that I hold true:

I believe that life is too short to be lived in the corners.

I believe that ALL bodies are beautiful and wonderful and worth celebrating.

I believe that life is art.

 I believe that YOU are a magnificent work of art.

 And with those beliefs, I feel great joy and fulfillment with each and every person that steps in front of my camera lens.

Are you ready to join me? Contact me here I can’t wait to hear from you!

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